New documentaries reveal hidden damage to women caused by abortion.


Breast Cancer, Autism, Cerebral palsy, Blindness, Learning Disabilities, Epilepsy, Infant Mortality, Intimate Partner Violence against women, Divorce, Poverty, Suicide, Depression, Anxiety, Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder, Infertility, Ectopic Pregnancies (which can kill) and more, all linked to a single  elective medical procedure sold to 40+ million people each year as “safe” by a powerful money making machine wrapped in a cloak of “women’s rights”.

Yes, seriously! All these risks and more from one 5-minute elective medical procedure! The damage done by abortion to a woman’s body has been hidden but is now revealed by new medically correct animation videos. But all around the world women are being told it is safe.

However, these dangers are now fully documented by research, court cases, and women’s experience but tragically sneered at by a dark and greedy segment of the medical community that has intimidated most of the world into complacent acceptance of their skewed version of truth.


(If you are not familiar with the massive amount of research [called “Literature”] linking abortion to those health risks use these links as an introduction:,  Abortion safer than childbirth?, abortion breast cancer linked?, abortion-preterm birth link birth?, autism,) or to buy a new comprehensive, 433 page book covering a broad range of risks; [i.e. you are a researcher or medical person]

There is massive pressure on every government worldwide to provide this procedure, without clearly stating the risks for those who undergo it. Because of the deeply rooted power of those who promote it, those who are knowledgeable and want to inform the public are afraid or unwilling to do so. Governments, medical associations, physicians, the media and fund raising organizations such as cancer societies, all have been intimidated into silence. I am not fear-mongering with some abstract “conspiracy theory”. The facts as revealed by hundreds of researchers from around the world, over the decades, based on many millions of women, are readily available to anyone who looks. However, there are two problems: (1) This research is written in “medicalese”, incomprehensible by the public. (2) The information -- although accepted as accurate by peer reviewed publishers and courtroom judges, is discredited and dismissed by virtually all medical governing bodies because it is “politically incorrect”, and also a fear of acknowledging a decades-long massive mistake impacting hundreds of millions of victims. (40+ million per year)

So in this project we have created a multi-part documentary presentation that “hits where it hurts” by going beyond reliance on the research. We prove abortion hurts women, and men, by additional means: With riveting testimonies -- actually Victim Impact Statements, stark photographs, chilling medical animations, and details of actual court cases where abortion risks were disputed but won.

Critically important, the testimonies point the way to emotional and spiritual healing for the tens of millions of women who in ignorance, and trusting the “system” underwent the procedure. Even decades later, as many as 70% of these women remain wounded and feel abandoned: They don’t know anyone they can share their pain with. “I had an abortion 50 years ago, I’ve never told a soul, I thought I was the only one having these feelings...” (from the documentary)

This entire presentation is compelling to a young teenager, a lifeline to a suicidal woman at the moment she needs it, yet scholarly enough for a family physician/obstetrician/gynecologist.

Unlike other professional productions, it is now released, fully and freely for online use (YouTube, Facebook etc.) so that this critically important information, in English and  initially and other languages soon after, can find its way to those in need at the time it is needed, not locked away in a television vault or shrink-wrapped in cartons of DVDs.

Documentary website:


“The research of the emotional risks of abortion come to life as you hear the heart-wrenching stories of these survivors.” Priscilla K. Coleman Ph. D, Professor of Human Development and Family Studies

“No man -- or parent -- will be able to pressure a woman into an abortion after watching this documentary.”  Byron C. Calhoun, MD, FACOG, FACS, MBA, Professor, Obstetrics & Gynecology

"Unspoken grief, unresolved loss, relentless sorrow, regret and pain - Many women live with these and more after abortion, the silence must be broken. Wounded and Abandoned challenges our society to protect women, inform women and for the love of God offer them life-supporting options.” Mrs. Jakki Jeffs, Executive Director, Alliance for Life Ontario

Decades after induced abortion was instilled in the culture, most women are still not aware of the risks of this most commonly performed procedure. This documentary will help to ensure that all women have accurate information before making their choice.” Donna Harrison, M.D., Executive Director, American Association of Prolife Obstetricians and Gynecologists

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Each year about 40 million or more women, facing an unwanted pregnancy and trusting their government, their mother, father, doctor, friends, the media, the internet, submit to –usually are forced -- into a “safe, fast procedure”. “In just 5 minutes you’ll be back on track to your planned life, not an unplanned pregnancy,” they’re told. But it never works out that way.

You need to know that induced abortion is a very suspicious state of affairs:

The medical community is required to extensively study and test any new procedure, device or pharmaceutical before it is given to humans. Our world crisis with Ebola underscores that: A physician was allowed to die (Dr. Sheik Humarr Khan) rather than use a new untested Ebola drug. (TKM-Ebola) Indeed, the medical community waited for 20 years before accepting an easily demonstrated drug interaction with citrus fruits like grapefruit. So why did medical associations without so much as even one study accept that the Chinese developed method of enforcing their one child policy was safe? Why do physicians accept distorted research that claims abortion is safer than childbirth? It most certainly is not, but governments around the world have been convinced that it is. (The documentary explains how the research is skewed.)

We should be very angry on behalf of post abortion women: It is incredibly unfair to permit business and politics to align to create a lifetime of suffering for a woman after telling her “no problem”. But more than unfair, its defacto illegal because rarely is a woman actually comprehending as she signs the consent form (from the documentary): The form is more confusing than a typical legal document. It has a “fog index” of 23 meaning 23 years of formal education are needed to comprehend it. Whereas a novel is written at an index of 4 requiring only 4 years of formal education. (from the doc) The abortion industry would collapse if women comprehended the facts: As one post abortion women states in the documentary, “Absolutely, not one woman I know would have had her abortion if she’d known how it would impact her later.” Also from the doc, a post abortion counsellor states, “Now this is my personal story, I’ve never had one woman come up to me and say ‘I really wish I’d had an abortion’ but thousands have said ‘I regret my choice to have an abortion.’”

The abortion business has the knowledge of how abortion hurts women. But along with feminism and the media, they bully all individuals including governments and fund raising organizations like cancer societies, to repress the health risks knowledge. Each year more research is added to the growing documentation of the risks. But by using “3rd grade science”, “nitpicking”, and an absolute refusal to confront the research (from the doc) authorities sidestep the very clear warnings from the studies.  The abortion industry acknowledges a risk of about a 1% chance of some negative outcome. (Even that risk is extremely high compared to other routine outpatient procedures.) The documentary cites research suggesting that the real risk is about 70%. From the documentary: “Every pregnant woman knows that she is not ‘carrying a frog’. Sooner or later every post abortion woman recognizes and bears the guilt and remorse of knowing she killed either the only family she was given, or one of her family -- either way, a negative lifetime consequence. But don’t blame the woman. Given support by those she loves, she normally wants to deliver her baby.” (from the doc) 

There is not time in this letter to list and document the various health risks: Perhaps order the new, comprehensive, 433 page book at, but please accept for the moment that there are massive known and yet to be discovered negative consequences of forcibly removing from the woman’s body a tiny infant that “every neuron in the mother’s brain” is aware of. Her entire mind-body has re-geared as she is already in the process of making another human being. Research has not yet investigated all the outcomes of externally and forcibly shutting down this mind-body endeavor.

So here’s the problem: 

There is a refusal amongst prominent medical authorities to confront the mountain of research but even going further, they intentionally denigrate it. For instance, in an August 8 2014 press conference, the president of the Australian Medical Association stated “There is no abortion – breast cancer link”. Yet there are dozens of studies confirming this link (74+)

The fact that well respected physicians, elected to prominent posts and speaking from their elected positions, can deny clear and compelling research speaks of the massive power that represses this information.

So what can we do differently than hoping yet more studies will finally break through?

Hitting where it hurts: Starting now.

The documentary hits hard.

For 8 years I had hoped that given sufficient research the media would open their minds to the truth of these health risks. However, there is simply no evidence that I can find suggesting any softening.  Arguably the opposite: More like a hardening.

Fortunately, from day one, this documentary was prayerfully planned to include additional evidence that is actually more potent and more difficult to refute than the expert presented research: Victim testimony. Research is only one of numerous persuasion tools in the documentary. It also includes

  • Testimonies with court affidavit legitimacy from post abortion women of how it hurt them. These are Victim Impact Statements. They have been signed as correct and their signatures witnessed
  • Photos and authoritative, chilling, never before seen detailed medically correct animations revealing exactly how the induced abortion procedure damages a woman
  • The words of an award winning Pro-choice  researcher who agrees with and augments the research
  • Re-enactment
  • Details of actual court cases where this research has been validated in a courtroom setting. If the research is only “myths and lies” like the opposition says, why do courts award settlements in real dollars?
  • Why the information is repressed; There are at least two businesses reasons:  Medical business experience with Hormone Replacement Therapy: When shown its connection to cancer, “Yearly sales fell from 61 to 21 million prescriptions in the USA alone. When women are informed they will make the right choices”. (from the doc) Another reason is the potential massive legal mess: “If the doctor has not obtained ‘informed consent’ (and they almost never have) then they are guilty of medical malpractice” (from the doc) See informed consent section online now:   
  • How the research is improperly negated or neutralized and how the situation is comparable to the cigarette debate that was extended for years after the truth was readily apparent via “research” paid for by the industry and “muled” by scientists desperate to be published.
  • Also includes: Special needs babies: What to do if you are carrying one; suggestions from medical experts with personal experience, post abortion depression and suicide, relationship breakdown and divorce, risky behaviour and substance abuse, post-traumatic stress disorder and anxiety triggers, post abortion attachment/emotional bonding problems, being pressured into the procedure, a father’s perspective, Techniques used to skew the research, How the United Nations (WHO) is wrong about abortion being “safer than childbirth”, Legal and informed consent violations, Pro-life physicians’ plea to other physicians, An appeal from post abortive women to women with an unplanned pregnancy, and How the grieving can last into one’s “90s”
  • Documentary experts include prominent researchers and spokespersons: Drs. Priscilla K. Coleman, PhD; Byron Calhoun, MD, FACOG, FACS, MBA; Margaret Somerville, AM, FRSC, DCL, LLB; Angela Lanfranchi, MD, FACS; Deborah Zeni, MD, CCFP; Barry deVeber, MD, FRCP(C);  D. Jean Echlin, RN, MScN; and 7 post abortion women.

Extremely important is that in this new world of short attention spans and the internet as the primary information source, this documentary:

  • Is compelling to “Generation Z “(under 18-the first generation to grow up with hand held video screens) as they come of age and available to them any time, any place through smart phones and tablets. (Not locked away in a television vault or shrink-wrapped on skids of DVDs) The intentionally retro style used in Part 1 will be assessed and as we finish part 2 and modify part 1) Teachers of “Gen Z” will be consulted.
    • Provides a meaningful solution for each one of the millions of post abortion women who continue to feel the pain without diminishment or respite into their 90s when at the point of death their pain can be even more acute and “unmanageable”. (from the doc) In this documentary women hear from other post abortion women how they can rebuild their life, and who it is that will offer genuine forgiveness, and the strength and love to overcome. 
    • Edited into crisp and clear short segments, fully online but also integrated into a complete message. See Doobey the cat (4 minutes,) as one of our post abortion women tries to understand her inordinate grief over the loss of her cat: