October 18, 2016, Greater Toronto Area, Canada


New Online Documentary Produced for Teenage Girls about abortion health risks Creating Problems for Pro-choice Legislators, Malpractice Insurers, and Physicians

A new and free online TED talks length (17 minutes) documentary points out that legislators and physicians cannot support induced abortion because of the procedure’s long list of documented serious health risks to the woman; Both immediate and delayed, emotional and physical.

The documentary, unique in the world with its short online free version, in addition to presenting 7 health risks of abortion, explains that legislation establishing protection of abortion came out of the untested theory that abortion was safer than childbirth. But there are no reliable statistics in the USA to support that theory and when researchers look to countries where there are reliable statistics they discover the theory is false. Ten meta-studies- “Studies of Studies- have determined beyond argument that induced abortion has serious health risks, while no meta-studies whatsoever have cleared it as the relatively benign procedure proponents say it is. Legislators have an additional problem as they are pressured to support abortion laws by the fact that this research continues to be validated in courtrooms as accurate. It is not the “myths and lies” the media proclaims. Medical malpractice insurers are at great risk of class action because few women have actually given their informed consent.

Physicians are confronted by the fact that legally they must fully explain the health risks to a patient - even if they don’t agree with the risks- or face losing their medical malpractice insurance just when they need it in a courtroom.

B. Keith Neely, the producer is astounded as some legislators and physicians disregard the health risks while the media heaps disdain on each new meta-study or finalized court case affirming the health risks of abortion. He laments that “All sense of fairness to and respect for women and their right to know seems to have been lost.”

The documentary, Wounded and Abandoned in 17 minutes, includes detailed, medically accurate, but family friendly (not gruesome) animation, as it walks the viewer through seven different ways a woman’s present and future health can be damaged. The damage can last the lifetime of the woman as well as the lifetime of future children through the life changing problems associated with pre-term or underweight babies.  https://youtu.be/l0-92B5FVv0  or http://www.gracestream.ca/physical-risks-of-abortion/


This video joins Neely’s first online one which exposes the pharmaceutical’s industry and government’s lack of respect, protection and care for women. It asks why the government, although aware that both cigarettes and induced abortion are linked to the very serious problem of premature babies, only the cigarette industry is forced to advertise that fact. The video also includes animation revealing how abortion causes premature births.

B. Keith Neely, Producer, Greater Toronto area, Canada  416 464 0445   www.woundedandabandoned.com


Ken Godevenos, Director, Gracestream/SCA International, distributor, 1-844-824-7223, Greater Toronto area, Canada, http://www.gracestream.ca





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New Video. Now We Can See The Damage: Abortion Hurts Women. Most Doctors Are Wrong.


Through the new documentary, Wounded and Abandoned, we can now see video that reveals how hidden permanent damage occurs with induced abortion. This damage can lead to future problems such as Cerebral Palsy, Autism and life threatening ectopic pregnancies. This is in sharp contrast to the world’s acceptance of the skewed research that claims abortion is safer than childbirth. 

The full length documentary is an accurate, compelling exposé of 8 of the health risks of induced abortion. Written to be easily understood by young teens and up, it is nearing completion and seeking funds through Indiegogo crowd sourcing. When released for international television broadcast, it may be unique in that it will also be free and online in short segments to be cell phone friendly: This is important to reach young teenagers as they look to the internet for their information.

If Judge Lee Yeakel had seen this video below, (4 minutes, animation borrowed from the upcoming documentary) he may of upheld the new Texas law demanding higher standards on abortion clinics  https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=7IoWZEJNMdA,)

The documentary will also educate physicians and through the testimonies of post abortion women, extend emotional healing to other women. The producer, B. Keith Neely, estimates there are 600 million or more women who feel emotionally wounded by their abortion -- a secret pain that can get worse.  

Neely originally expected that a documentary about the health risks of abortion would be accepted as a benign aspect of the debate but instead, he has experienced fierce opposition. “Now I understand,” he points out, “the medical industry saw women stop using Hormone Replacement therapy when it was linked to cancer so the profit motive mandates, that the industry repress the truth about abortion risks.” Another reason this information is repressed is the massive legal mess that will ensue when millions of abortions are deemed to be medical malpractice because the women signing the consent forms were not fully informed.  

So how does “Wounded and Abandoned” break through this resistance?

In addition to the numerous new medical HD animations, the post abortion women’s testimonies are irrefutable courtroom Victim Impact Statements: The women’s own experiences are augmented with the testimony of medical and legal experts in the documentary.

As well, numerous courtroom battles have validated the accuracy of the abortion health risks research. This refutes the media’s claims of the risks being “lies and myths”.

Additional information: http://www.woundedandabandoned.com/


The producer, B. Keith Neely,  is looking for expressions of interest from potential broadcasters for the world premiere. Phone/text, 416-464-0445. Email: kn@investlife.ca,

wounded and abandoned website: www.woundedandabandoned.com

trailer: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Dti-jqtg4JI




Participants: Professors / Physicians: Dr. Priscilla Coleman, Dr. Byron Calhoun, Dr. Barrie deVeber, Jean Echlin, Dr. Margaret Somerville and Dr. Angela Lanfranchi, Dr. Deborah Zeni. Post abortion speakers/authors/counsellors, Denise Mountenay, Bev Hadland, Angelina Steenstra and more.



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“Safer than childbirth”

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Abortion linked to Breast Cancer?

Read very carefully this rebuttal of the Breast Cancer-abortion link and you will see it contains information that supports the link . http://www.abortionbreastcancer.com/docs/CancerPage.com-Web-Page-on-Leslie-Bernstein.pdf





A concise summary of most recent research linking breast cancer to abortion:






A short concise letter showing the link



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Abortion is irrefutably linked to premature and underweight babies which is a serious problem.





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