Pre-term birth: Why isn’t the government acting on their own knowledge?


Full 10;49 min version:, or,  link to my video at aaplog YouTube

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TED talk length, “Wounded and Abandoned in 17 minutes”,


Wounded and Abandoned in 5 minutes: Do yourself and future baby a favor:


New Wounded and Abandoned, Emotional Risks of Abortion in 6 min:


Twisted and skewed research: How can abortion be claimed to be "safe" if it is not?


a signature does not equal consent- informed consent with Margaret Somerville who won a united nations award, 18 minutes


Is abortion a loving service for the hurting or a money making machine? Stop the procedure with cindy lynne, 4.26 min.


NOT in Wounded and Abandoned but by B. Keith Neely

A physician’s hypocrisy: Euthanasia 

2 minutes, selected from an interview, NOT in the documentary, but a true story about a physician’s hypocrisy: Euthanasia and by implication, abortion: The medical cloak dulls our conscience, Margaret Somerville