Enough is Enough! Political Correctness injuring children and their mothers

In 2004 I started trying to persuade the media gatekeepers to sponsor production of a documentary to cover what to me is the biggest news event of the century: One billion women have undergone what they believed was a “safe fast and easy” outpatient procedure, without being warned that it can damage a woman’s body, her mind and her future children. That is illegal. One billion women are technically eligible to sue for medical malpractice. Don’t you agree, that is one big news story? But despite the competitive news business constantly clamoring to be the first to break a story, they have steadfastly refused to cover this one. Only in the past year, as I completed a documentary about this, has the reason for it come into focus. (“Doctors to Doctors: Safer Than Childbirth? How Political Correctness is Injuring Women and Children”)

On the surface, it’s a necessary easy fast and safe out-patient procedure. Women who find themselves pregnant at an awkward time in life can make arrangements to “reverse” that condition. So they seek professional help and are told its “Like pulling a tooth”, just removing a “blob”.

So- coming up 50 years later- what’s that expression- “How’s that working out for you?”

Not very well actually.

A growing mountain of medical research reveals there are hidden short term risks and life altering long term risks. The bottom line summary is this: No one knows the entire scope of the destruction that this “safe easy and fast” out-patient medical procedure has wrought on our culture, or, on the biology, physiology, or psychology of each of the one billion woman who have had an abortion. No one! But medical science does reveal this much and it’s been validated in court room decisions and peer reviewed medical publications: The increases in life changing problems in our world today is due in part to legal abortion: Infertility and subfertility, Breast Cancer, Autism, Cerebral Palsy, learning disabilities, addictions, suicides and overly risky and destructive lifestyles in women, and more.

Yet the organizations that present promote and perform abortions won’t admit to these health risks and have successfully bullied essentially all other organizations into silence on the matter or worse, outright deception. These are immutably established risks. As well, Immunology is looking into abortion as one of the possible causes of the growing number of immune diseases linked to Microchimerism.

How about Mifepristone and Misoprostol for abortion instead of suction? There are valid reasons suction is preferred. I will explain more in a future blog. For now be aware that these are off-the-charts strong chemicals. Governments’ agencies have resisted the pressure to loosen the controls on them for good reasons. The chemicals have to be strong enough to completely overpower what a woman’s own chemistry is trying to do: Grow a healthy baby.

So instead of freedom to take the healthy course of action and keeping her baby to full term, women find themselves pressured into a legal abortion.  Instead of gaining control over their bodies, they lose  it. Few if any women actually want their abortion.

So how has political correctness caused these problems? Listen to a breast cancer surgeon and researcher. This person is passionate about saving women’s lives. In addition to starting an educational institute to share the research, https://www.bcpinstitute.org/ she travels the world warning women of controllable breast cancer risks. Dr. Angela Lanfrachi  not only knows what causes breast cancer- she holds cancerous breast tissue in her hands: This is what she says: “So it’s very politically incorrect to say anything negative about abortion even if it’s medically true.” (Wounded and Abandoned, Physical Risks of Abortion and Informed Consent) I will talk more about Breast Cancer in a future blog but for now be aware of the biological facts- settled science. 1/ Abortion significantly raises breast cancer risk, 2/ The younger a woman is when she brings her first baby to full term, the lower her lifetime risk for breast cancer. Those facts cannot be refuted. The only room for discussion is amongst cancer organizations as to whether or not they share that information.

How does this impact us? If you are a professor and or researcher you must keep doing research and it must be published to enhance your career and help you get “tenure”- a permanent high paying job as a university professor rather than a low paying contract job as an instructor.

So if you try to publish research that goes against the culture of “free easy and safe” abortion it will be resisted and that will cost you money and security. So how do you enhance your career? You publish a study, for example, that shows breast cancer and abortion are not linked even though dozens of other studies and the biology of breast cancer, shows they ARE linked.

So if you do a study showing they are NOT linked your study will be welcomed and you will walk the red carpet so to speak. So how do you create a study whose numbers show there is no connection? Dr. Lanfranchi explains how an actual study did that:  “In situ cancers need to be treated, either with mastectomy or partial-mastectomy, radiation and hormones. So that was one of the ways that they got their study not to show a link. The women in their study that were highest at risk for developing invasive cancers were taken out of the study before developing cancer.  (From Wounded and Abandoned: “Doctors to Doctors: Safer Than Childbirth? How Political Correctness is Injuring Women and Children”

So now I understand that if a media gatekeeper decides to do a news story on say breast cancer and abortion he/she looks to the breast cancer research associations websites, the medical colleges websites etc. for more information. There he sees the reference to the one study that shows no link. Whereas normally those websites would also include the hundreds of other studies that show the casual link, they have succumbed to the political pressure and bullying to not include them. So the media gatekeeper has little option other than to conclude that the breast cancer link is “fake news”. He doesn’t know how to find the hundreds of studies showing a causal link and even if he did it would not matter because all the trusted organizations have succumbed to the pressure. I guess that sounds like a conspiracy theory. I will roll out the facts over the next while and let you be the judge.

That is just one example of how political correctness is hurting women and children. I don’t blame you for thinking I am over-reacting. 15 years ago I would not have believed that myself. But now I know it’s true.  It has come into focus this past year as I produced my third documentary on the subject of the hidden health risks of abortion: (Doctors to Doctors: Safer Than Childbirth? How Political Correctness is Injuring Women and Children (47 min)

Political correctness and the abortion industry also tries to hide the truth of the pre-born baby. As the United Nations speaker Denise Mountenay states about what she was told prior to consenting at age 14:

“I was lied to and I was deceived. I asked the doctor what was really there and he took a pen and piece of paper put a dot on the page and said “Oh its nothing- it’s just a clump of tissue” so I thought oh well it must be ok because the doctor thinks it ok and the government thinks it ok and my mother thought it was ok I thought it must be all right- then years later when I was reading a book on pregnancy and childbirth and I saw the truth about fetal development it was devastating because then all of a sudden at 3 weeks there is a beating heart, at 7 weeks all the vital organs by 9-10 weeks there is perfect little arms and legs and fingers and toes and I was so crushed and so devastated because of the humanity of my children and that these were my babies and so women are not being told the truth and it’s a crime against humanity. (From Wounded and Abandoned: For the teenage girl and her Physician: The Physical Risks of Abortion and Informed Consent)

One billion women with similar stories. They were Wounded and Abandoned. All of this came out of a  simple, but deceptive three word phrase I will expand on in a future post, “Safer Than Childbirth.”

For now, may I ask you to consider increasing your sensitivity during this Christmas season to the many Moms and Dads who have experienced loss of a child regardless of the cause. The pain is intensified as they cannot avoid the memory that there should be one more voice shouting over the din of Christmas dinner or ripping the wrapping paper off a present under the tree.

Post abortion Cindy Lyne:

An abortion seems like a quick fix but in reality it’s not because you have the pain of the abortion for the rest of your life- for the rest of your life at some point in time you know you should have had a child, a child should have been born but instead it was aborted —so the quick fix isn’t a fix at all- its just a temporary thing that’s gonna cause a lot more pain after (From Wounded and Abandoned: The Emotional Risks of Abortion)

But for most post abortion women, the grief is carried alone, making it far heavier.

So wrapping up, to help spread the information about the hidden and repressed emotional and physical risks of abortion and how we have been deceived, I am lining up interviews (As a guest). My first one is now posted. https://anchor.fm/RYWN/episodes/RYWN-Podcast-Episode-17-Interview-with-B–Keith-Neely–The-Physical–Emotional-Risks-of-Abortion-e8v6h4

I am so appreciative of the host, Rekishia McMillan, for talking to me about this. Could I ask you to consider listening to this podcast (available through all the main podcast feeds)

As well, would you consider watching the first two Wounded and Abandoned documentaries on Christian Cinema, and even leave a comment? (Doing so will pave the way for them to invite my third documentary, “(Doctors to Doctors: Safer Than Childbirth? Exposing How Political Correctness Prevents Women from Knowing Medical Risks”, Safer Than Childbirth?”)

Physical Risks: https://www.christiancinema.com/digital/movie/the-physical-risks-of-abortion-and-informed-consent-for-a-teenage-girl-and-her-physician

Emotional Risks: https://www.christiancinema.com/digital/movie/the-emotional-risks-of-abortion

Watching them will help you be sensitive to the added pain post abortion women (and men) feel all the time and alert you to the deception of the “Safe Fast and Easy” procedure.

Thank you.

  1. Keith Neely

P.S. Please also consider making a financial gift to a prolife organization. They have enormous headwinds not just from society but the government also. And, if the topic of “Life” was not relevant to you before, it has to be now as Euthanasia has not only become the law, its become mandatory for physicians to engage in, regardless of their conscience. It will increase pressure on, not just the very senior people, but everyone whose life in some way has the appearance of being diminished. It is just like how the so called freedom to abort became pressure to abort.