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Emotional Risks
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The pain does not go away on its own. Award winning palliative care (end of life) researcher and nursing instructor, Jean Echlin has found that a woman’s traumatic stress goes on and on.

“you get to be 92, 94, 96- this is a long period of grieving and shame and distress- they have problems with sleeping, they nightmare- they go back over the traumatic event of an abortion.”

Physical Risks
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The cover up of the health risks extends to informed consent. Dr. Byron Calhoun, professor, researcher, and premature infant surgeon cautions fellow doctors saying,

“It’s critically important to help a young woman understand that if she undergoes an elective abortion that she’s increased her risks for breast cancer, preterm delivery, possible mortality and mental health issues –they need to know all of those things- and they need to understand what that means in their life going forward.”



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The research of the emotional risks of abortion come to life as you hear the heart wrenching stories of these survivors.

Unspoken grief, unresolved loss, relentless sorrow, regret and pain – Many women live with these and more after abortion, the silence must be broken. Wounded and Abandoned challenges our society to protect women, inform women and for the love of God offer them life-supporting options.
Decades after induced abortion was instilled in the culture, most women are still not aware of the risks of this most commonly performed procedure. This documentary will help to ensure that all women have accurate information before making their choice.
No man –or parent-will be able to pressure a woman into an abortion after watching this documentary.
Dr. Byron C. Calhoun, M.D., FACOG, FACS, FASAM, MBA, Associate Scholar

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There is massive pressure on every government worldwide to provide this procedure, without clearly stating the risks for those who undergo it. Because of the deeply rooted power of those who promote it, those who are knowledgeable and want to inform the public are afraid or unwilling to do so.

Governments, medical associations, physicians, the media and fund raising organizations such as cancer societies, all have been intimidated into silence. The facts as revealed by hundreds of researchers from around the world, over the decades, based on many millions of women, are readily available to anyone who looks.

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abortions were performed in Canada, 2016.
were first time abortions.
women experienced hemorrhaging, infection or other abortion complications.

data taken from CIHI (Canadian Institute for Health Information) data report from 2016 titled “Induced Abortions Reported in Canada in 2016” click here to download report



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