This extremely important and highly controversial topic needs at least three blogs.

Menarche: Gateway to all the joys of motherhood- or countdown to breast cancer? 1 of 3 blogs

  1. The first; “Safe Fast and Easy” abortion comes at a price
  2. Next I will unwrap the biology of breast cancer, the complexities of estrogen and how we use this United Nations declared carcinogen in more ways than we need to.
  3. The third blog will explain in a way non-scientists can comprehend why there appears to be conflict in the research, and “epidemiology” which is how we can know for certain enough, the truth of health risks which are hard to prove like the smoking and cancer link and the abortion breast cancer link.

15 years ago, when I started my research into the health risks of abortion to the woman, I would not have believed that we are surrounded by so much incorrect information on a life threatening subject. When I approached the television networks to do a documentary on this topic I thought they would be fighting over the opportunity to “break” the most important news event of the century: That the common out-patient procedure presented as “safe fast and easy” has catastrophic and frequent “side” effects that can lead to injury and death in the woman undergoing it and injury and death in future planned children. Yet they refuse to acknowledge the evidence, even when it is validated in the courtroom and peer reviewed medical journals. The significantly increased risk of breast cancer is one of the side effects.

The idea of “Safe Fast and Easy” abortion is an idea that in the minds of many, needs protection and the truth that undermines the slogan must – to their way of thinking – be suppressed at all costs. So all the research and political pressure tricks in the book- perfected by the cigarette industry over the decades to confuse the public about the clear dangers of cigarette smoking, are presently being used against the research and researchers who dare threaten this “Safe Fast and Easy” medical procedure.

But the mountain of medical research evidence grows year by year. The first meta-analysis challenging the “Safe-Fast Easy” was 1996. By 2013 the number had grown to 7 meta-analysis. (We will talk more about meta-analysis) Today the number stands at 14. During that same time period and up to the present, no valid, peer reviewed and published meta-analysis refuted the 14. (The one and only meta-analysis which says it refutes the breast cancer link compared one group of high risk for breast cancer women against another group of high risk for breast cancer women- an unacceptably flawed methodology. I will expand on that in an upcoming blog. But even if you allow that one study, it is still 13 to 1 against “Safe Fast and Easy”. If you wanted to place a bet on a ball game with that score who would you choose?) Yes, the studies that attempt to confuse and obfuscate the truth of the health risks of abortion are being exposed for their apparently intentional deception.

Wrapping up, we can’t lay all the blame on the media. They depend on the same organizations the rest of us do to verify the “breaking news”. But those organizations continue to refuse to protect women and children because it means challenging the “Safe Fast and Easy” procedure. So policy and political correctness is more important than the women and children they serve.

Recommended for further reading: (Free and without registration etc.) The Breast Cancer Prevention Institute—whys-of-breast-cancer.html

  1. Keith Neely, Wounded and Abandoned

Special thanks to Brent Rooney MSc. A medical researcher with a main focus on premature birth risk factors



Brent Rooney MSc. is a medical researcher with a focus on premature birth. His accomplishments include the first published, in a medical peer-reviewed journal demonstrating that Induced Abortion history is a credible risk factor for a woman to deliver a baby later diagnosed with cerebral palsy .2001. In 2007 the Calhoun/Shdigian/Rooney study in the Journal of Reproductive Medicine estimated that in the U.S. in 2002 there were 1,096 very low birth weight newborn babies who were subsequently diagnosed with cerebral palsy due to their mothers’ IA history.

women who have children, and have them sooner in life, are far less likely to get breast cancer.

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